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This web page last revised on May 12, 2006.

Games are listed with the author's favorites first.

[Wintrek graphic]

If you are as old as me, you may remember a fun game that ran on the minicomputers and mainframe computers of the late 1970's and early 1980's. The program was called "Trek" and it was a text-only computer game. You piloted the starship, "Enterprise," (the letter "E") around the galaxy in search of Klingons ("K's"). It was amazingly good fun considering the limitations of the day.

Well, Wintrek brings back all the campy fun of "Trek" in a Windows version, thanks to Joe Jaworski. You get improved graphics (e.g., icons that really look like spaceships - whoo hoo!) and fun sound bites from the original Star Trek show, such as Lt. Uhura saying, "Priority message from Star Fleet, Captain. Code One." Then you hear the campy 'dah dum' "tension" music. I love it!

The whole game is one 518K ZIP file. You can download it in seconds on a broadband connection (or 5 minutes on a dial-up connection). It runs on any Windows PC. There is even an enhanced WIN32 version now!

[Rail Baron Player screen shot]

Have you ever played Avalon Hill's board game of railroad empires, "Rail Baron"? Well, Rail Baron Player has all the same fun and challenge, but the computer automates the dull parts of the game for you! You can play against your friends in "hot seat" fashion, or you can play against the computer's historical "rail barons," including Jay Gould and Cornelius Vanderbilt. Getting ready for a weekend of playing the Rail Baron board game with your friends? Hone your strategies on RBP first and you will certainly outwit them! The game will run on virtually any IBM compatible computer that is running Windows 3.1 or higher.

[Astrogeddon graphic]

Astrogeddon is the next generation of the very popular shareware game, Astro Fire. Astrogeddon, like Astro Fire, is a fun, improved variant of the venerable classic, "Asteroids." The game is easy at first and then gets more challenging as you proceed through the levels. Although the game features very pretty ray-traced graphics, it runs well on less-powerful, out-of-date computers!

[Scorched Earth screen shot]

One of my favorite old computer games is a VGA "tank versus tank" game for MS-DOS called "Scorched Earth" (or "Scorch" for short). You equip your tank by picking from an assortment of weapons (ranging from "nukes" to "heavy rollers") and other systems (such as "shields," "mag deflectors," and "vertical guidance"). Each weapon/system has its own characteristics and requires a different strategy.

Then you do battle on a customizable landscape. You can play against your friends and/or the computer. You take aim at your enemy and try to judge the correct angle and power of your shot, after correcting for the wind. Guess well - if your opponent is good, or your shields are down, you might not get a second shot!

[Scorched 3D screen shot]

There is now an updated, 3D version of Scorched Earth! Check it out!

[Return to Castle Wolfenstein box shot]

This is the superb sequel to Wolfenstein 3-D, the original first-person, 3-D combat game. In this demo, you get two levels of first-person shooter action!

Warning! This download file is 114 megabytes in size. You need a broadband connection to the Internet to download this game!

[Doom box shot image]

Ah, yes. Wolfenstein 3-D may have started the first-person, 3-D, action-shooter gaming genre, but "Doom" made it a phenomenon that has changed the face of the computer gaming world. If you want to try the legendary "Doom," you can still download the shareware version. Doom runs as a DOS game.

Doom can be downloaded as a ZIP file - doom19s.zip. Try this ftp site: ftp://ftp.euro.net/pub/mirrors/tucows/linux/files/console/entertain/doom19s.zip

If the above site does not work, try Filewatcher.com. Just type in the name of the file you are after and you get the most updated site and a link to a list of mirror sites.

[Descent II screen shot]

A great ride as you fly your fighter ship in a true 3-D, 360 degree dogfight. The action revolves about you realistically and fluidly. A super hit in its release year of 1996 and still a blast to play.

Review of Descent II at Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/descent2/review.html.

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