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One of the games I enjoy playing over and over again is Civilization II, by Microprose Games. If you haven't tried this superb stratgey game, go right out to your local software store and buy it, now. Or, you can buy it on-line right now from Chips & Bits!

But seriously, Civilization II is the fantastic sequel to the best selling game of all time, Civilization. If you enjoy strategic-level, turn-based games, don't miss this one!

About Civilization II

Civilization II is a strategy game for Windows in which you command a semi-historical civilization and try to lead it to world domination. The current version of the game includes over a dozen civs you can pick from (such as the Babylonians, French, Sioux, English, Americans, Russians, Japanese, etc.) or you can create a custom civ! (the "Hellbentians," for example).

By default, the game begins in 4000 B.C. You then found cities, explore the world, research technology, and build your war machine. As the game progresses you also build "wonders of the [Civ2 Screen Shot Icon]world," which are special city improvements that give your civ a unique advantage. The wonder of "Magellan's Expedition," for example, gives your ship units two extra movement points. Want to see what the game looks like? Click on the graphic to the left to see a screen shot of the game (194K JPEG image).

You can win the game in one of two ways. You can be the first to construct a spaceship and send it to Alpha Centauri, or, you can win militarily by capturing or destroying all of the computer players' cities. The game is thus adaptable to both militaristic and "builder-upper" styles of play. The game also allows you to engage in diplomacy and trade with other players, influence population morale, and choose different types of government. The scope of the game, which literally takes you from the invention of the wheel to the settlement of another solar system, is truly breathtaking - and FUN!

The current version of the standard game is version 2.42. If you are using an earlier version, you should upgrade to version 2.42 as it includes several important bug fixes as well as play enhancements. You can download version 2.42 from Microprose's Technical Support web page.

If you have purchased and installed the "Civilization II Scenarios" CD-ROM, you are actually using the MOST CURRENT version of Civ II, version 2.62. For more information on Microprose' s "Civilization II Scenarios" CD-ROM, see the Scenarios link, below.


Sure, I could go on at length about how the graphics are great, the computer players are tenacious, the replayability is excellent, the lack of network play is a bummer, and so forth. But why believe me? Read what the experts have to say!

Strategy Guides

Need help defending your cities from those pesky barbarians? The Vikings getting under your collar? Always seem to be running out of moolah? Try a strategy guide for some new ways to tackle an emperor's problems!


Civ II keep crashing on you? Sound card problems? Want the latest patch? Try a (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions document!


This way to Microprose's Civilization II web site...


Tired of the same old game? Try Microprose's expansion disk for Civilization II, entitled, "Civilization II: Conflicts in Civilization - Scenarios". Or, try a scenario designed by fellow Civ II lovers!

    [Civ2 Battleship Icon] Microprose's Official Scenarios CD-ROM for Civ II - Brought to you by Microprose

    This CD-ROM contains a dozen professionally designed scenarios for Civ II (as well as the current version of the game, version 2.62). You get to play Alexander the Great in his conquest of the ancient world, or Ulysses S. Grant in his campaign to reunite the American nation during its civil war. And that's just for starters! In addition, the disk contains the "Best of the Net," which includes 8 outstanding scenarios by fellow Civ II players that have been scoured from the internet. You also get new music, sound, and graphics. Kewl. Finally, if you want to try your hand at creating scenarios, the CD-ROM includes a new macro language for designing your own scenarios.

    [Civ2 Battleship Icon] Lots and Lots of Civ II Scenarios - Brought to you by The Emperor


One of the NIFTIEST things about Civ II is that you can customize it! You can change the "rules.txt" file to change the way the game and the units behave. You can also change then "units.gif" file, (and other GIF files), to change the appearance of the unit icons and other icons. Change things around enough and you have a whole new game on your hands. Try some of these "MODs," that is, "game modifications," and have a whole new kind of fun with Civ II!

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