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This web page was last updated on April 29, 2005.


Hello! I am Brock Wood and this is one of my personal web sites. Have a look around! I hope you find some of the information and material here useful.

I also maintain two business web sites:

  • http://www.brockrwoodattorney.com. This is my law pratice web site. I am an attorney licensed in Colorado and Virginia. This web site describes my professional background as an attorney. It also contains links to some of my publications.
  • http://www.eurekais.com. This is my web site for my law practice technology consulting firm, Eureka! Information Services. As an adjunct to my law practice, I provide law practice technology consulting services for law firms. This site describes my services and expertise.

If you are interested in my business services, please feel free to click on the links above to learn more!

By the way, the site you are now viewing is one of the very first web sites I created, many long years ago. I have allowed this site to languish a bit and I have not updated it very frequently. As a result, you may find quite a few broken links. I apologize profusely.

When I have time, I will update this site and integrate it with another personal web site that I maintain at http://www.brockster.com. Until the integration is complete, you can still check out the nifty things this site has to offer.

Want to see the very first web site I ever created? Click on the "Brockster" button, below, and then click on Brock's On-line Biography!  


Small Picture of John Kunz Check out the web page designed by my good friend, John Kunz. Scott's Oquaga Lake House Vacation Pictures!
Check out the vacation pictures!

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Listen to Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring

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Want to buy great computer, board, video, and role-plyaing games on-line? Check out the Chips & Bits web site! The games are competitvely priced and are delivered to your door. I buy all of my games from Chips & Bits.

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Check out the fantastic selection of books, CD's, and videos at Amazon.com - the world's biggest on-line bookstore. The prices are great and the books come in a jiffy!

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Check out my favorite comic strips, Foxtrot and Monty!

Foxtrot web site

Monty web site

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