Making Web Pages

This web page includes links to web pages dedicated to the art of making web pages. You will find HTML tutorials and editors, clip art collections, and even essays on web philosophy. Enjoy!

HTMLed Icon HTMLed. This is a nifty Windows-based text editor specifically designed to help you write HTML (web page) code. With HTMLed, your favorite HTML tags are stored in buttons and pull down menus. Instead of typing the same tag over and over again, you just press a button. No more typos! This home page was proudly created using HTMLed. HTMLed comes in both 16 bit and 32 bit versions. Great!
Dempsey Tutorial Icon Building Web Pages With HTML. Paul Dempsey's great beginner's guide to web page authoring.

Update: February 4, 2004: See Paul Dempsey's newer site, Learning HTML (, for a newer version of this tutorial.

Red Ball Turnpike Web Page Clip Art. A nice collection of buttons, bars, backgrounds, icons, and miscellaneous neat graphics for your web page.

Free Graphics Icon Free Graphics For Your Web Page. Nice site! This web page includes nice sets of icons that look good and "thematic" together. Includes angels, gold "text" effects, banners, and more!
Kenn Fagans Personal Web Page Kenn Fagans' Home Page. Neat links and a nice guy. Well, not such a nice guy if you play him by e-mail in Empire Deluxe. He's GOOD.

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